Wednesday, May 29, 2013

My God is more than enough...

I've been feeling inadequate in everything--in my personal walk with the Lord, in my job, even in the ministry the Lord has blessed me.

I've been feeling extra low in spirit, always criticizing myself.

I've been feeling far away from the people I work with in the church and in the ministry and the more I think about it, the more I feel so alone and lonely.

I've been feeling a lot of weirdness, a scorched and parched desert of doubt as to whether in this ministry people like me or whether they secretly and silently wish I would just evaporate and move on to another ministry.

But because God loves me and He is perfect, he brought me to a river of refreshment and peace from His truth.

And I leave you all with this quote: "I might not be good enough, brave enough, profound enough. But the God who made me – He. is. enough." ~Lisa Jo

Thursday, May 2, 2013


My apologies for letting April pass by without me leaving any word. I did promise to write my testimony (I recently did another testimony at church last Sunday so, really, I am lagging in my blog posts) but today I want to focus on the word: RESCUE. Because, really, that's the gist of my testimony--I have been rescued from my sinful self by the beautiful and perfect blood of Christ. I have been rescued from confusion and frustration, thanks to the amazing grace of God through His Son, Jesus Christ. I have been rescued from emptiness from the pleasures in the world, and led to the fullness of having nothing but Christ alone. 

How does it feel to be rescued? Liberating. Safe. Secured. I love, love, love the fact that I can just raise my arms and surrender everything to Christ because He knows what's best and His desire is the best for me. He has won the fight already and His victory is already mine!

And this brings me to those enslaved in the sex trade and other forms of trafficking. When you are locked in a dark and cheap brothel room, fearing for your life every day, and abused by men of all characters, attitudes, and strengths, how does it feel to finally have your brothel room opened, and be informed that these men entering--they are good and they have your best interests in their heart? 

Well, today, my heart leaps for joy and my soul dances with The Exodus Road and their partner, the Indian Rescue Mission for their successful raid of a leading brothel. Accordingly, more than a hundred girls were freed, more than 30 of whom were still under the majority age of 18. And all glory and praises go to the Lord Almighty. 

May I earnestly ask you to pray for these girls? That the transition, rehabilitation and re-integration to the society will be smooth and grace-filled? Most importantly, please pray that they will meet Jesus in the process and accept Him as their personal Lord and Savior. 

"Ever wonder what the inside of a locked brothel looks like? In this short video, covert footage captures investigators with The Exodus Road and Indian Rescue Mission entering a brothel searching for victims of sexual slavery. These brave men consistently gather evidence in the darkest of places, for the sake of raids, rescues, and prosecutions of criminals. Visit The Exodus Road or like their page on facebook to find out more." (text and links from The Exodus Road)