Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Introducing...Wedding Wednesday :)

Never in my remotest mind did I ever think it was possible for me to talk about weddings in this blog. But, the Lord has His way and His way is always perfect. I can only praise and thank Him with awe and admiration that He has allowed this season to arrive in my life.

I would not dig unto details anymore but as I have posted in my Top 12 for 2012 entry, my then boyfriend of three years proposed to me after a street evangelism and Christmas party with the young people in church. And here we are, seven months from that time, thankful for all the things He has done and excited for all the things He will still do.

In this new series of Wedding Wednesday, I will be sharing my discoveries of new truths on Biblical concepts and principles of preparing for a wedding and for a Godly marriage--the convictions the Holy Spirit has been making in our lives, the lessons learned and the situations we need to prepare for, and even lovely details and DIY projects that the Lord will enable us to do.

So, I hope to see all of you next Wednesday, as we unravel the truth from my First Love. And while you wait for next week, will you say a prayer with us that God's glory and story be our canopy of protection, love, and provision in the wedding preparations, wedding ceremony and reception, and in our marriage and family life as well :)