Sunday, June 9, 2013

12 for 2012

Before 2013 ends, let me just post this and praise God for the wonderful blessings He has given me last year.

And I know, this is late. But it is better late than never! Oh, it would help you to know that I prepared this at the start of 2013 but I simply forgot to upload this one... This is inspired by a wonderful Godly woman..:)

Top 12 for 2012
1.  My Job at the Public Attorney’s Office
2.  Ongoing Victory over my negative thoughts and jealousy
3.  Gospel shared to my clients and accepted by many of them
4.  Privilege of helping Calvin in the Youth Ministry
5.  Being a “back-up” in the praise and worship 
6.  Ate Teresa’s mentoring and discipleship sessions and BTCP classes with Ptr. Max
7.  Meeting Ate Ceith, knowing her love for God and His works through her, and being given the privilege to partner in her ministry for streetkids and traumatized children
8.  Our engagement (C proposed at Church, in front of the young souls we currently minister to, right after our street evangelism and Christmas party—I could not ask for more, Lord!)
9.  Answered prayers (specifically the ones on the youth ministry, ushering ministry and the evangelistic ceremony)
10. Being more open with my faith among my family, relatives, co-workers, and on FB despite the persecutions
11. PC Notebook which allows to connect with Him in many ways
12. Reconciliation and peace to His people after my hard-headedness and rebellious nature

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