Friday, January 31, 2014

Must Watch This

Well, one of my friends posted this in my FB newsfeed. Honestly, I was first excited about the movie, Noah, but after watching the full trailer, I got a bit turned-off that some of the parts of the storyline are not actually Biblical. But well, I am still excited that mainstream cinema is featuring one of my favorite characters in the Bible. But what I am more excited about is this movie. To know why, please watch the trailer above. :)

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I am just drawn by the main conflict in the movie: a Christian guy in campus determined to walk with Christ but is actually being challenged by his Philosophy professor to write "GOD IS DEAD" on his notebook on the first day of school or else face a failing grade. Without even thinking, everybody wrote except him.

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And this made me think: If this happened to me, would I be obliged to write what professor tells me to, thinking that it's just for academic purposes anyway? Or will I stand up in my faith for the Lord, no matter what happens? Will I compromise or will I fight?

This kind of conflict in our Christian walk seems to be nothing compared to the kinds of persecutions Paul and the other apostles faced, subjecting them to dangers and death itself. Daily, we make decisions based on our faith and convictions. There may be things that may seem too small or too insignificant for us to matter but in the eyes of the Lord, we are always accountable for every thought we think, act we do, and word that we say.

I pray that we will know more and more of the depth of Christ's love for us that we will be equipped to stand up for Him in no matter how significant or insignificant situations we may be in.

To have a full background of the movie, read the synopsis.

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