Thursday, March 6, 2014

An Answered Prayer: The Amazing Love

Last February 15, the Youth Group and Young Adults Fellowship in church co-sponsored a Post-"Valentine's" Activity dubbed as Amazing Love: The Truth About Dating, Courtship, and Marriage. It was a dinner-talk-show tackling the most discussed and sought-after topic among the youngsters today: love. Pastor Ianderson Balandang and his beautiful (inside and out) wife, Joan, were the guest speakers. They shared their so inspiring and so amazing love story, gave advice and tips founded on Biblical Truth and most of all, illustrated the true amazing love of Jesus Christ through their love story
Pastor Ian and Joan with the night's host, Irish Tan-Llorente, sharing that it is only by
knowing the love of Jesus Christ that we can truly enjoy a fulfilling earthly love story. 

The beautiful stage set-up collaborated by the Youth and the Young Adults. 

The Ates from the YAs making sure everyone has his/her sumptuous meal
of Payag's Chicken Inato or Pork Barbeque Meal. 
You know, looking at all these pictures makes me teary-eyed. You see, I have been praying for this event to materialize since 2012 and when it did not happen last year, I thought to myself that perhaps God's way of answering it was through the informal event we had at McDonald's during Valentine's of last year wherein we shared burgers, fries, and sundaes and talked about C and I's love story and ultimately, God's perfect love for all of us. I was not really expecting that the Lord will give me a very definite answer (actually more-than-I-can-ask-for) this year so this really shows what a sweet, sweet, Lord we serve! :)

For this year, the youth and the young adults joined forces together in prepping the stage, serving the meals, and in staging a contemporary praise and worship music. Each member was encouraged to invite at least one friend and to actually pay for the friend's meal to show illustrate to them the cost of discipleship. Imagine, there were 50++ youth who attended and heard the Gospel! We were not expecting that! One of the young adults hosted the show, someone from the women's group volunteered to train the youth for a dance-drama--and all these really show how amazing things work for His glory if His body will cooperate with each other and heed His will.
Some of the youth members doing a dance-drama of the woman who wept Jesus' feet with her tears,
used her hair to wipe it, and poured an expensive alabaster jar of perfume. 

The invited friends hearing the Gospel and being led to pray for Jesus to come into their hearts. 

The Youth and YA Worship Team

And I am sharing this because I want everyone to know that 1) God does answer our prayers and 2) His answers are always perfect in timing and in abundance! :)

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