Tuesday, June 10, 2014

A Letter to Myself

Dear Beautiful and Cherished One,

I know what you are going through right now. The physical fatigue, the emotional stress, and the mental challenges--these are enough to send someone to the lowest pit. Throw in your need and desire to have deep friends where you are now and the desire to please and buy peace with the family you are living with and you have the perfect recipe for depression and self-pity. 

But I delight in you as you hold on and fight. I delight in seeing you bit your lip instead of talking back. I delight in seeing you get up and do something even if your body disagrees. I delight in you being joyful despite the circumstances you are in. I take delight in you as you choose to forgive, decide to be honest and make self-sacrifices.

You are altogether different from the one I used to know, the one who delight in pitying herself, the one who has had morbid thoughts, the one who contemplated suicide. The one who shies away from problems and hides in the dark world of computer games, bar hoppings, discos and cocktail shots--she has completely vanished. The old has been peeled away. 

You are brave and confident now though I know that you still have a long way to go. There will be changes in your body, changes in your character, changes in your surroundings--but you, with the saved and loved heart, will continue to soar high as you believe and continue to trust the One who saved and Loved you

He changed you. And He alone is the one capable of giving you that eternal joy that smiles despite the pain, forgives despite the offense, and keeps silent despite the accusations. Keep on trusting Him and loving Him. Allow Him to mold you and your character. 

Don't be afraid to be radical for Him. 

Go deeper to Him because He loves you more than anybody in this world can. 


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