Thursday, July 31, 2014

{Truth Thursday} When in pain...

I am just like any human being—I get hurt, I feel the pain of acts done to me, words spoken against me in my face and even those whispered behind my back. I cry in pain when I learn that I am being condemned without the opportunity of having myself heard. I am hurt when people bully me with my mistakes or failures in the past.

When I feel the pain, I can’t breathe. The pain becomes too physical to bear. 

When I feel the pain, I cannot think. The pain becomes a mental blank where I just want to feel numb and dumb. 

When I feel the pain, my heart just could not take it. The pain becomes a paralysis to my body and soul.  

I can’t get over the pain because no one has ever asked forgiveness for it.

Does this make me less of a Christian? Does this make me a failure in my Christian walk?

I am just too glad I found this over at (in)courage today. This is just what I needed and I just feel like God is talking to me. The timing could not have been so perfect. 

And as I end this post, my prayer is that the Lord will equip and enable me to manage this particular pain in my heart in a healthy, Godly way. Because the truth is, He wants us to come to Him in our brokenness and weaknesses. He wants to refine us until we reflect His glory. 

I believe the Lord is molding me in this area of my life--handling pain. Will you say a prayer for me in this current struggle of mine?

How about you--have you felt too much pain that paralyzes you? How did you handle the situation? I would definitely love to hear your tips! :))

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