Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Praise Him!

Psalm 9:1 exclaims: I will praise the Lord with all my heart; I will tell of all His wonders!

And indeed, I will praise Him and will tell of all His wonders.

A few weeks ago, or more precisely last April 15, I commemorated a milestone in my life, a feat that the Lord has graciously granted to me. By His Holy Spirit, I had this desire to celebrate God's love by sharing His love to other people. I confided the desire to my special friend and by God's perfect design, he, too, was about to celebrate His victory in his life on the same date.

The rest, as they said, is history. But it was not just an ordinary history, it was a victorious history that only the Lord Jesus can give. As I have written in my previous entry, I have personally seen and great was my joy to be humbled down, challenged by, and encouraged to share more of His love through Jesus Christ to all nations (and this means, people groups).

A few days after that, God gave another victory by His perfect design through my profession. He really is a faithful God and He keeps His promises, especially in Matthew 6:33.

I am still euphoric and will continue to extol His name at all times!

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