Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Thanksgiving Tuesday

Today, I worship the Most High God with thanksgiving and praise for finally bringing to His church last Sunday a family of souls needing healing and reconciliation! :-) It's funny how things in our lives happen and I was fortunate to be a witness of God's hands working to make something beautiful out of something bad, His business of turning trash into beauty.

She's my client for the Free Legal Aid Program and from the very first time I saw her, I can see my old self in her--longing, dreaming, yearning and searching for the perfect love at all the wrong places. I can remember that our "client interview" lasted for almost three hours. Usually, I do these interviews at the most of thirty minutes but the Holy Spirit in me prompted me to stay longer and to listen more to Her. It was awkward listening to her whines and complaints and stories of abuse in her marriage when I have never married. But in a way, I did relate to her. By God's grace, in my very humble ways, I was able to share to her the One True Love which is demonstrated by Jesus Christ.

Fast forward six months later and I ushered her to His church with her husband and their four-year-old son. In between these months, I did pray for her though not as intensely as I pray for her now. Most of the time, I was just listening and until very recently that I had my heart broken, I was so intense in sharing to her the Gospel of Jesus. I opened up to her, sharing the lessons I have learned in my latest heart pain. And I can sense now that Jesus is healing both of us in His very own timing.

Today, I praise and thank God for this opportunity. Today, I thank God for teaching me how to wrestle in prayer, how to abide in Him, and how to have this beautiful, sacred, and perfect exchange of life as I know it to the life that He wants me to have.

Today, I thank God for His message in Paul's letter to Philemon. I thank and praise Him for these beautiful souls writing their story of release, experience of seeking and finding Him, a life of total devotion, and an understanding of His healing power.

Thank You, Lord Jesus, for everything!

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